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EVERYWHERE, America – We know you have asked yourself 1,000 times, ‘Why are my friends voting for Donald Trump? Are they this stupid? Why are they not as informed as I am? Why can’t they see through this?’ There are simple answers to these questions but you need to be able to open your mind and forgo your lifelong biases to understand.

It was you all along
It was you all along

The main reason people support Donald Trump for president is YOU. You read that correctly. you are the problem. The silent majority of America has spent the last 15 years reading your pro-Republican pro-Democrat anti-Republican anti-Democrat nonsense on social media and silently scrolled along. We roll our eyes at your posts and wonder why you continue to do this day in and day out. Bush this, Obama that, Hillary this, Rush Limbaugh that… You became more and more predictable with every shocking revelation that ‘Bush lied,’ ‘Obama is a Muslim,’ ‘Hillary is a criminal,’ ‘Cruz is probably the Zodiac killer, and he ate a booger…’ etc.

You might feel pretty small because nobody paid attention to what you believed were the most important things in the world at the time.  Feel small no more.  It is you who is propelling Trump to the presidency. You must realize that those of us who used to just scroll past your ridiculous posts are now enjoying them. Your exasperated attempts to quickly post the evidence that Donald Trump is Hitler keeps us smiling because we know how you are squirming in your seat. You link several articles each week as reasons we should not vote for Trump. With every attempted shaming Mr. Trump, he collects rather than loses voters.

My best advice for you, if you really want to stop Mr. Trump, is to refrain from continually posting your nonsensical links and propaganda. You hurt your cause with every post and snide remark you make. Oh, but you cannot resist. You are emphatic in your belief that if you just come up with a video showing Mr. Trump seemingly acting a way YOU don’t approve of, we will all fall in line. That is very much not the case, but you continue to try every day.

Republicans and Democrats alike must come to the realization that we will not be bullied by your partisan posts any longer. We have evolved beyond your ability to make us feel that YOU have the answers. We did it your way for decades. Your proverbial chickens have come home to roost.

bock, bock…


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