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TALLAHASSEE, Fl- ┬áState officials in Florida are under scrutiny today after unveiling a new plan that would allow private citizens to purchase the remainder of prisoners sentences. In a plan they call ‘Neighborhood Watch,’ the prisoners will be transferred to private homes, provided these homes have the necessary equipment (ankle bracelet and monitor) to prohibit the prisoner from leaving the property.

This is modern day slavery. People are not supposed to be able to buy people. We have rules and laws to prevent this. Florida must be stopped – Jade Brown, ┬áProfessor, UCF

Newly Adopted
Newly Adopted

The administration in Florida points to overpopulated facilities and the cost of feeding the growing number of inmates in each of their prisons.

This has nothing to do with Slavery. We are actually giving the inmates freedoms they did not have before. ┬áProvided they never leave the purchaser’s property and produce good work during their 8 hours of rec time each day. – Daniel Watters, Florida Under Secretary of State.

Constitutional scholars from all over the nation have weighed in on this controversial procedure and have focused on the pricing strategies being implemented. According to activists, the most dangerous prisoners come with the lowest price tags while the least dangerous are priced too high for the normal, middle-class family to afford.

There are mass murderers at an extraordinarily low price of $400 per year, while nonviolent criminals are going for as high as $150,000 per year. You can essentially purchase a 40 year old life sentence criminal for $16,000. You own them for thes rest of their lives. There is something desperately wrong with this. – Brown.

Florida officials seem unconcerned with the opinions of the vast majority of Americans, and are moving forward quickly with ‘Neighborhood Watch.’ Time will tell whether or not this program is workable. If it is successful don’t be surprised to see other states join in on Florida’s new money-making boon.

Stay Classy Florida


  1. The police are out to get us. They are gonna put you all in chains. I hate them. This is the kind of stuff I have been talking about.


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