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President Obama Ready to Announce his “Adopt a Refugee” Policy

President Obama Ready to Announce his “Adopt a Refugee” Policy
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WASHINGTON D.C. – President Obama is taking no prisoners when it comes to the safety and well being of Syrian refugees seeking asylum in the US. He has been having a very difficult time convincing an emotionally charged congress and citizens that these refugees are safe.

Nothing is more essential to our American way of life than lending a hand to those in need. Since the Republican lead Congress refuses to fund new homes for those downtrodden souls seeking refuge from the horrors of oppressive governments I would ask each of you to open your hearts and your homes to adopt a refugee today. – President Obama

Pick your favorite

Pick your favorite

The President’s plan calls for his supporters to host families seeking asylum from the repressive evil of Isis. They have used their campaign lists to reach out to these former Obama voters to show Independents and Republicans what compassion looks like. Thus far over 15 million robocalls have been made to Obama supporters and voters.

Thus far we have not received any calls back. We expect that all Obama voters and supporters will call soon. It has only been a week. We need to be patient. – Maria Bathers, White House Staffer.

We interviewed several people who received the Obama calls. Here is what they had to say.

I supported letting these people in until I was told some would be moving in with me. I just assumed someone else would be taking care of them. How am I supposed to know whether they are dangerous or not?  I don’t really have room or know their language or anything – Trevor Slate, voter

I agree they should be able to come here as I am a compassionate person. I just don’t necessarily want them living in my house. How am I supposed to sleep if I have to worry about getting… well… something, in the middle of the night. I still support them coming here just not really in my apartment. – Assunta Buchler, voter

The president understands how difficult it will be to force Americans to move refugees into their homes so he is working on a plan to answer calls himself as his supporters volunteer to be hosts to these refugees. He prefers volunteers but indicated he has other ways to get these refugees into homes if needed. We will watch with great anticipation as these events unfold.

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  1. Abraham Paguya

    We cannot afford refugees Isis illigal attack police officer protester around the globe NEX 4 years the same administration

  2. Kris Wikstrom

    maybe he should stop paying Isral to create more problems using ISIS.

  3. Tramp Gorczyca

    Let that oreo pay for his treachery and lies with these enemy combatants!!!!!

  4. A Human Crisis

    . President Obama Ready to Announce his “Adopt a human being” Policy – #Obama #humans #Syria #HumanCrisis

  5. William Keenan

    Find people that support your dumbass and send them to their homes

  6. Remove jihad Hussein Terrorist Obama from office. …Sheppard Donald Trump 2016-2024

  7. 999999999…Sheppard Donald Trump 2016-2024

  8. Bobby Hermann Hermann

    How many empty rooms are in the white house?

    • All kidding aside, that’s brilliant.

    • Let them into “Americans” homes huh?? How many will be in his home?? Will they be working, paying taxes and now mandatory health insurance like the rest of us? How many of them will have green cards, will the other honest hard working legal citizens be paying for this? Absolutely ridiculous, all this will do is bring the isis people to our land. how about take out isis?

  9. Help the homeless and less fortunate Americans first!

  10. Immediate Safety


  11. Chrissy Buccella Tobin

    No thanks. They can stay right where they are!

    • I don’t know, a lot of people talk a good game, but it doesn’t seem like they want to actually help these poor people…

    • Chrissy Buccella Tobin

      I don’t mind helping, they can stay in their own country, we & other countries can HELP THEM to HELP THEMSELVES.

    • I thought we blew them up, though. Didn’t we knock down their houses and stuff?

    • Chrissy Buccella Tobin

      Na, the president ordered to bomb a convoy but dropped flyers to tell them they had 45 minutes to escape. Nice guy, huh? We’re @ war & he’s helping the enemy. If I’m not mistaken that is called treason is it not?

    • I don’t follow that stuff too much. I just wonder why the people who said they would help aren’t calling to help.

    • Chrissy Buccella Tobin

      Oh, that’s easy the people who say they want to help really don’t. They talk a good game but when it comes right down to it they want someone else footing the bill & as long as they aren’t in their neighborhoods it’s all good.

    • Typical. They scream about helping and then hope someone else does it instead…

    • Chrissy Buccella Tobin

      Yup, they all do. When you believe their screening process is a joke they all call you racist or an islamaphobe. I don’t understand how you can be a racist when Islam isn’t a race nor is it a religion it’s a political movement that goes against our constitution, plus everything we as American’s value & hold dear.

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