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SOUTH PARK, Colorado – Since November of 2015 the Republican establishment has been at war with Donald Trump. Every effort possible has been made to slow down the enthusiasm that his supporters hold and pass to others as quickly as a common contagious cold. With every waking day, it becomes more and more obvious that the more the establishment does to derail the Trump machine the more supporters the machine gains. That is until now…

In a meeting of top Republican donors and politicians, a strange source of inspiration and enlightenment was unveiled. An episode of Comedy Central’s South Park featuring “Chinpokomon” was played for the attendees and the lightbulb finally went off.

So if we accept Donald Trump as our establishment candidate the voters will reject him simply because we support him? If that were true that would have happened with Jeb Bush,…or uh Chris Christy… shoot um… Scott Walker? ┬áDangit, how about Govener Kasich? Wow, every candidate we get behind falls off the map. – Mitt Romney (R), Former Massachusetts Governor

House Speaker, Paul Ryan said,

What can we do with such small…

We so small
We so small

Whoa! Hang on there speaker Ryan. You took the wrong message from the episode.


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