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SAN FRANCISCO, California – Developing

According to several reports, the city of San Francisco was recently saved from a Christmas week terror attack by quick thinking agents of the FBI. Though most people are thankful and relieved by these reports, others in the surrounding San Francisco area are furious and site racism as the reason Everitt Aaron Jameson was brought to justice.

Looks kinda white Chase

“The only reason Everitt Aaron Jameson was caught was racism,” claims Chase Tannin (Modesto stay at home dad). “If the color of his skin and religion are the only reasons he was caught I rebuke The FBI and Trump”.  Many others in the San Francisco’s liberal majority had similar feelings regarding Jameson’s arrest,

I have amazing thought-provoking things to say

“This country has turned it’s back on Muslim men. They can’t even think about committing a terrorist attack without racists beating down their doors”, said Rosie O’Donnell (Actress, activist, asshole), “Since Trump has been elected there has been an unjust war declared on militant Islamists. This is racism and he (Trump) is not my president”.

As more developments emerge, be sure to check back here for updated information.



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