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A new trend is sweeping the nation. It’s called “red lighting”. Activists are changing their normal white porch light bulbs with special red bulbs letting the world know This is a gun free home.

According to Jane Seymore, director of operations for the Department of Protecting Everyone (DOPE), we will soon see millions of homes adorned with red bulbs.

It is clear to me that everyone is looking for a safer environment to raise their children. A gun free safe home is everything America is supposed to be. – Seymore

So far many of America’s largest retailers have been selling out of the red bulbs more quickly than they can stock them. “We can’t get them in fast enough. They are flying off the shelves.” Claims Bill Barskey president of marketing research for Walmart, “As soon as we get them in there is a line of well-intentioned people buying them up.”

Not everyone is excited about this idea. Our reporters spoke with Americans on the street to get their opinions and they were mixed.

This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. Red lights are for the bedroom and thanks to you I can’t find any now. – Carlos

My home has red lights on both the front porch and the back. We have strings of red lights in the trees to let everyone know we are a gun free home. -Hillary

This is crazy how dumb can you……. wait, uh this is actually a good idea. I’m glad that gun-free homes will have red lights. Good for you. I love this, -Tyrone

As we all are immersed in the sea of red protective lights be sure to remember that the red light means a gun free zone so all of you would-be attackers and thieves please leave your guns at the door.


    • Hardly anyone shoots an actual robber anyways. What are the stats on robberies on homes ending with the owner killing the robber? How many robberies have ended up with someones guns being stolen? Theres a lot more facets to this then just the surface.

    • Maybe you haven’t heard. The media doesn’t report stuff that they don’t find news worthy. I know, I know. Hard to believe, but it’s true. lol

    • 3 have been 3 successful home owner defensive shootings this week alone in my state. Local news doesn’t report it because it show people doing the right thing and unfortunately that is not news any more.

  1. Always knew they’re whores, now they’re advertising it at home!

    What’s the prices for “Long time, Short time” and BJ’s?

  2. Not a single “red light” anywhere that I have seen…but rather Molon Labe flags and flags that depict the crossed barrels of two AR-15 rifles with the words “come and take them” below.

    The “new trend” is ABSOLUTE RECORD BREAKING firearms and ammunition sales for the past EIGHT years. The “new trend” can also be considered the number of citizens choosing to secure a concealed carry pistol permit…literally millions of people now carry a concealed pistol every day…EXCEPT of course in crime plagued areas like Chicago and New York…in those areas, only the criminals have guns.

  3. I bet there will be an influx of home break ins… Benjamin James LeBlanc Brian Apple Patrick Spann Leon Veillon

  4. What idiotic people. It’s like an advertisement to robbers of which homes are safe to invade. Of course if you want to be sneaky like me, I will be in stalling a red light in the hopes that I can ambush a few unsuspecting wastes of humanity.

  5. Communist red, very fitting. Hopefully burglars know to target these homes, knowing the home owners aren’t armed.

  6. Don’t the red lights mean it’s a house of Ill repute? Good luck if there’s any confusion. Hahahahahaha

  7. Red lighting doesn’t mess up your night vision when it’s back lighting an intruder coming thru the door.

  8. Show the thugs, burglars, rapists,murderers, sexual predators exactly where live and you are defenseless,you people are absolutely stupid.

  9. If this is the same Jane Seymour from DR. QUINN MEDICINE WOMAN I’m not surprised. That was a show of left wing propaganda. A female doctor in 19th century America, when few could even read and nurses were few and far between.
    Red light zone led, a lunatic idea led by a lunatic liberal.

  10. Hey, I have cash money,electronics and jewelry in my home. I have no guns. So like Tom Bodette says, We’ll leave the light on for you.

  11. red light districts? wasnt red light districts a way for prostitutes to announce their were abouts? its nice that the criminal can now pick his victims with out getting shot

  12. Well, they be crying for safe space after they get robed, rape and whatever else, hey bur Hillary bw happy!!!

  13. Advertising to armed criminals out there that you are unarmed and defenseless… GOD!!! The stupid burns!!!

  14. Good. Now the criminals will know exactly where to go, and they can leave my house alone.

    Sign on my property reads: Nothing in my home is worth losing your life over.

  15. That is just saying “Come rape me and my whole family and the kill us and take our stuff. It’s like the blue light special at Target (where you don’t want to use the bathroom) if you’re a female that doesn’t want to be raped by an illegal alien from Iran.

  16. Red lights used to mean open for business, hint, hint… Guess they still do, LOL ROXANNE, You don’t have to turn out the red light!

  17. hey twatwaffles a red light is the signal the bitch inside is a whore looking for buisness hence the phrase RED LIGHT DISTRICT. FN RETARDS !!!!

  18. Funny was as a child red light ment a house of ill repute or whore house. I got a 9mm glock in december. My first gun. Why would people advertise they are unarmed especially in America today

  19. This is a great idea. The bad guys know who to rob and ones not to be missed with. I challenge anyone who falls for this BS pay for there funeral and a sum of money to the spouse or children. If thay are wounded you pay hospital cost and disability for the rest of there lives. Good God dont tread on me

  20. Lack of common sense is becoming very dangerous for two reasons… It shows your (1) Stupidity! & (2) Your a Hillary Sheeples!

  21. Surely people aren’t that dumb!!! They might as well put up a big sign that says, “Come on in and take what you want, because we have no way to defend ourselves!!”

  22. They tell you not to let or show people that your not going to be home or on vacation, but it makes sense to tell them you can’t protect your home from intruders. “”THE BRITISH ARE COMING”” only this time it’s probably not going to be the British!!

  23. Hope this is a joke , if not a more suiting name would be “I am a sitting Duck” the key is under the Matt .

  24. Yup, if my neighbors have their red lights on, come on in, rape the wife, molest the children, murder the husband as they do not have guns to protect themselves.

  25. Nothing beats a “Rob this idiot’s home FIRST” sign on the door. Any neighbors that do this had best not come banging on my door for help.

  26. Well that’s good robbers will know its safe to rob mothers wont have to worry about their thug sons getting killed if they stay in gun free zone to rob

  27. Dumbass idea!!! Hey criminals come rob, rape, and kill me and my family because I’m a fat pussy with no guns to defend my family and myself and stay alive!!!

  28. That’s smart. Lets advertise that we don’t have a means to protect ourselves. I’m wondering how long this will last once the criminals hear about this. They will know exactly which homes to hit and which ones not to. I predict police chiefs and sheriffs will be on tv soon telling people to stop this because they are making themselves targets

  29. True liberal propaganda. Disarm the public so they become complacent and totally dependant on the government to ‘Save’ them instead of being armed and ready to defend themselves. The police can’t be there instantaneously people!! Sometimes you have to be willing to fight… Anyone who participates in this deserves to get robbed from their sheer lack of common sense and utter stupidity. The government fears the people, why do you think they’re really trying to take guns away and brainwashing us to willingly give them up…. Don’t be fooled my American brothers and sisters

  30. I love this idea. What better way to unite in solidarity across America? Anybody who gas any sense of patriotism will be rushing out to buy as many red lights as they can afford. This type of display of commraderie is what America was built on. Stand proud and display you red lights!

  31. What a great idea! I will light up my home red ignoring the Second Amendment telling all of the criminals ,burglars, and rapists that I have nothing to defend myself with when they steal from me and rape me! 5 out of 5 stars!

    Warning Sarcasm!

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  33. I can not believe the stupidity of those that believe house owners actually believe home owners actually put red porch lights to indicate a gun free zone. They must be the same ignoramuses that voted for President Trump.


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