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Tom Brady Caught Cheating During Family Game Night.

Tom Brady Caught Cheating During Family Game Night.
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QUINCY, Mass –  Times just continue to get more difficult for Tom Brady. Arguably the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL finds himself embroiled in scandles that purport to show he and his New England Patriot teammates knowingly and willfully cheated their way to several SuperBowl championships. Tom has continually pledged his innocence on the field of battle but new accusations look to take the bloom off of the rose.

It was just a night like any other. My parents came for dinner and we decided to get out Scrabble to loosen the mood a little bit. My parents have always been skeptical of Tom and were watching him very closely. I still cant believe he tried to get away with this. – Giselle

cheaterAccording to the police report and 911 call sometime around 9:30 Tom was spotted looking under the table. Family members, acting quickly, pulled up the tablecloth to find Tom’s phone on a scrabble cheat site.

I have always known he was a cheater. He always wins at horseshoes because his foot is always over the line. You can’t bowl with him because he is always “mistakenly” marking spares when pins are still standing. Sometimes he even forgets to yell ‘Uno.’ He is just no fun to play with. – Giselle’s Dad

According to family Brady became combative after being accused of cheating and began yelling at his father in law.

What was I supposed to do with “EATHCRE”? I couldn’t possibly use these letters in a word. I needed to find something. I didn’t know websites were against the rules. My father in law is no longer allowed to bring his cane into my home. – Brady

Mr. Giselle decided he could take no more and began hitting Brady with his cane. He takes his scrabble serious and was not going to allow the shenanigans of Tom Brady ruin game night.

By rule 8-2.3c of the standard scrabble players rule guide any accusation of cheating must be met with a group vote. Tom denied our right to vote. He had no right to deny my challenge so I whacked ole’ deflated balls with my cane. -Giselle’s Dad

The NFL denied our requests for comment and stated only that this is an ongoing investigation. According to NFL insiders this may finally be the straw that broke the Patriots back.



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  1. Tom Brady is a dick.

  2. Edwin Valenzuela

    Who cares tf

  3. If you play in the NFL you cheat, all are guilty, coaches, players and refs. Especially your princess Brady.

  4. Malcolm Robinson

    Shut the fuck up ass clowns

  5. Curtis Dwayne Allred

    Not surprising

  6. Matthew Adkins

    Them haters can go cram the deflated balls we supposedly deflated up their ass

  7. Remeka McQueen-Hobbs

    Wow what a dumb ass article

  8. Schmalzried Jr Albert Edward


  9. For real people need to stop hating on the new england patriots they dont need to cheat they play hard and work hard to get where they are im a new england patriots fan and always will win or lose they are the best team

  10. Who’s the “tool” who went out of their way to pen this bullshit ?

  11. Haters would love to believe this because they are losers lol sucks being the chosen one sometimes in this devilish jealous world

  12. Victor Camacho-Flores

    Hey I’m a big hawk fan! They beat us in the Superbowl fair and square! People have to accept reality!

  13. Nathan Martinez

    Bunch of idiots can’t think of more stupid shit

  14. De'Aundrey R Howard

    This sht petty as fck

  15. Joseph Romêo Chatham

    This is the dumbest post I’ve seen on fb makes me wanna go back to MySpace

  16. Kenny Reinhardt

    Bryan Legarda

  17. not talented at all theyve been cheating all those yrs dummies

  18. Travis Paul Smith Jr

    Such bullshit

  19. Trystan Abernathy

    Andy Brock

  20. Immediate Safety

    Francoise Lemay-Albert cheating at scrabble is an obvious cry for help. We must all stand by him and make sure he gets the help he needs for safety’s sake

  21. Francoise Lemay-Albert

    This is so ridiculous for a media to try to demolish even more Tom Brady. Are you guided by jealousy because he is the best QB who played at is qualiber!

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